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Non-virtual servers respond to an URL of the type " Due to our organisation and for security concern, we will have to take care of your updates that you will send us. Your are allowed one free update a month. We will have to bill any more update.

Here is a comparaison of the different solutions we can offer you. Please shop around, you will not be disappointed by our services. All our servers are hosted on SparcServer(TM) and we have an OC-3 (150Mbs) connection to the backbone with many providers to insure continuity of service.
Guilde 's solution TRY NV STANDARD NV
Storage space 1 Mb 5 Mb
Access via our Ultra Speed network (150 Mbs) Included Included
Monthly cost 2 20 40
SetUp 3 100 100
Annual cost (monthly payement) 4 340 580
12 Mont pre-paid 5 240 480
Your own domain name no no
24h/24 monitoring yes oui
Registration to the major search engines 7 100 100

All amounts are in US dollars without taxes.
2 Paid at the beginning of each trimestre.
3 InterNIC fees not included.
4 Calculated by adding setup fee plus 12 months.
5 Due at contract signature.
6 Free setup...
7 Including, among others, Yahoo, Altavista, Infoseek, HotBot, Lycos ...

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